One of the craziest place in Tokyo.

One of the most trendy city in the world




Japan touchdown. It was the first time in my life that I visited Tokyo. I was impressed by this country that has a strong culture. I was in love with the mixture of old and contemporary culture. I didn’t have much time to post this week. There was so much to do. Between trendy places and delicious restaurants Tokyo is a city where I will come back soon. But also to visit another parts of Japan. During the week I filmed my stay I can’t wait to show you more in my upcoming Vlog. Now I’am on my way to Australia.



Hello everyone I am so happy to show you a new project. Normally I should have posted the video earlier because I made this video at the end of 2018. For this new project I show you my favorite places all over the world. where I talk about beauty lifestyle and food. All the addresses and more info are on the blog Hershesons Blow Dry Bar,  Bite Beauty,  Chez Claire, I already made a post about.  I wish you a great Sunday. -M-



Off Shoulder Sweater from H&M


I hope you’re doing well. I am currently working from home it feels good. I’am for few days not running between flights or from a hotel to another one. I rework my videos. I told you I was going to work a lot on Youtube. And I’m working on it I’ve already made some videos but I still have to finish the editing. Now I’m at home it allows me to finish all of them before I move again. I wish you a nice evening. -x- M