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An iconic bag. It is with a great pleasure that I love wearing Belgian creations from my country. This elegant bag made by Maison Delvaux in collaboration with the Belgian architect Paule Goethals in 1958, the same year where the Brussels Atomium was inaugurated. A vibrant tribute to the spirit of innovation.




Brillant by Maison Delvaux

All the pieces in the collection “Les Humeurs de Brillant” can be made to order by request



Mythical quote of the Belgian painter Magritte known for his humour and surrealism







Le Rêve

Shimmer, glimmer, shine and more










La Belgitude

The official slogan of the Kingdom of Belgium. Delvaux has a strong Belgian heritage.




A new spring season has just begun, which means new prints and colours. One of my favorite is snake print. In the last winter season we could see a lot of leopard now we change it but we still with this safari and exotic style. Of course, this print has often been considered old-fashioned and sometimes even vulgar. The most important thing is to know the way to assemble the outfit. For example, a totally snake print jumpsuit can be worn with subtle shoes and accessories colours such as black, white or neutral will be the perfect way to wear this outfit. Second way to wear the snake print is wearing one piece of snake print in the outfit. This what I did with this outfit by wearing a snake printed jean. Accessories will perfectly fit a outfit but than it’s better to switch by wearing a neutral colored or black outfit.


Total outfit look from Zara




Location: London UK



Dress Zara,   Shoes Ted Baker,   Bag Chanel

I love spending time in London. It is my favorite European city. There are always lots of things to do and I love to do some shopping here. Yesterday morning I went for brunch at The Market Grill located near Coven Garden. One of my favorite places for delicious brunch. Then I walked through the streets of London enjoying this very pretty architecture that never tires me. I love the London Lifestyle.