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Tel Aviv touchdown. First time that I visit Israel so I am exited about discovering this country more and more. Yesterday when I arrived I was completely tired I just went to dinner and took a walk and then I slept. This morning I woke up with a beautiful sunshine. It’s different from the winter weather in Belgium. I took a walk and visited the streets of Tel Aviv. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the south of the country in Eilat. It’s going to be a great trip where I’ll be able to discover the whole countryside of Israel. On Saturday I will finally go to Jerusalem, which is very important to me. Now I’m going to get ready for dinner tonight. Kisses from Israel with love.


Hello beauties, I’m back in Belgium and it feels good to be home. All week I filmed my trip to Israel and Palestine. It has been unforgettable moments and I am so happy to share this with you. Don’t forget to subscribes to my my Youtube channel. HERE I’ll post more about beauty and vlogs in the future.


Visiting Jerusalem was very emotional for me. It has always been a destination that I had to visit in my life.


Yesterday I visited the country of Palestine. A country full of culture. I was able to see the graffiti of the famous graphic designer Bansky. I love it ! What’s funny is that nobody knows his face because he always wears a mask. But I love his work so much. Palestine is a country full of love and freedom I am happy to have visited this beautiful country.