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I like to change my beauty rituals when a new season is starting. Spring has arrived floral feeling and lightness makes me want to. But I pay a lot of attention to continue to moisturize and making my skin silky to prepare it for this summer. Here is my selection of my beauty products that I am currently using.






Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub – The Body Shop

I love the scrub texture. A kind of creamy paste with small sugar grains. It gently cleanses the skin and moisturizes perfectly the skin.


shop Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub – The Body Shop



Shea Nourishing Body Butter – The Body Shop

After using the shea body scrub I love to moisturize my skin with shea butter for an optimal hydration. The texture of this butter moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and silky.

shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter – The Body Shop






Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver – L’Oréal Paris


This shampoo is just magic. It moisturizes dry hair it. There is no leave in time.  I have used Elvive Extraordinary Oil for a long time I love this range of products.

shop Elvive Extraordinary Oil Rapid Reviver – L’Oréal Paris





Beauty Elixir Daily Care Absolute Oil – Syoss


Get glossy hair with this oil it repair damaged  hair. I use it morning and evening by applying on all over the length of my hair until the ends.


Beauty Elixir Daily Care Absolute Oil – Syoss




Blue Elephant Governor’s Mansion Phuket Restaurant & Cooking school, Phuket, Thailand


On my birthday, February 14th, we were supposed  to dinnert at this restaurant but they only had Valentine’s Day a menu. The problem is that I don’t eat spicy food (at all) so we ate a restaurant on the beach with a view of the sunset. When I go to the restaurant I always ask if the dishes are spicy. I was afraid that the menu this day would be spicy. I preferred to wait two days later to be able to choose à la carte. Blue Elephant is one of the best gourmet restaurants in Thailand located at the governor’s mansion I have tasted the finest Thai food. I also thank them for this wonderful gift of celebrating my birthday by blowing out the candles. Thank you very much.



Location : The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa Phuket, Thailand


I enjoyed the hotel’s swimming pools a lot. One of the favourites was this place because it was high in the hills with an amazing view of the sea. I was there often during the sunset. There is a bar with lounge music perfect to to end up the day and before getting ready for dinner.



Location : Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I fell in love with this deserted island of Thailand. This is the place where the film “The Beach” was making with Leonardo Dicaprio in 2001. I guess it must have been busy with a whole Hollywood crew. It’s so beautiful I swam in the turquoise water between two huge rocks. We arrived on the island by speedboat. A great experience to do if you are in Phuket.


Location : Phuket, Thailand



Spending time in this heaven country is the paradise. The first thing I did when I arrived was going to the beach everything is so beautiful here people are nice. I understand why Thailand is a tourist country. And it’s also a good thing for the country’s economy. But I hope that Thailand will keep its natural and rural area because it is so beautiful.

Dress: Zara