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Off Shoulder Sweater from H&M


I hope you’re doing well. I am currently working from home it feels good. I’am for few days not running between flights or from a hotel to another one. I rework my videos. I told you I was going to work a lot on Youtube. And I’m working on it I’ve already made some videos but I still have to finish the editing. Now I’m at home it allows me to finish all of them before I move again. I wish you a nice evening. -x- M

Inside Hotel NH Collection Amsterdam Barbican Palace.

Hi Guys! I was supposed to post this post about my trip this weekend in Amsterdam earlier this week. But I was totally busy and sick`.. I spent my weekend in Amsterdam. A short citytrip Amsterdam is not far from where I live in Antwerp is an hour’s train ride away with Thalys. This train connects Paris – Amsterdam in less than 4 hours via Brussels, Antwerp and Rotterdam. I wanted to show you my favorite places I visited this weekend where I had never visited before I found them on a nice blog yourlittleblackbook I love this lifestyle blog where I  can really find great addresses especially in the Netherlands and Amsterdam because she is Dutch. I would like to find a blog like this for every city I visit in the world ahah. If you have a lifestyle blog, let me know. I’m planning my next trips right now and I’am looking for new addresses. I can wait for the upcoming  trips.


Inside my hotel room NH Collection Amsterdam Barbican Palace.

My favorite hotel when I stay in Amsterdam. Located just near to the central station and the city centre. I ‘am so in love with the interior architecture of which is cozy and modern.

View of Amsterdam  and my delicious dish at The Avocado Show.

After taking a walk in Amsterdam. Admiring this typical architecture is always a real pleasure. Then I went for lunch at The Avocado Show. One of my favorite places because I’ am a avocado lover. And I especially love this new concept where avocado is the highlight in this restaurant. So avocado lovers you can eat this delicious fruit in any way sweet or salty as salad dish or dessert. The Avocado Show is located in Amsterdam but also in Brussels.

Black and Blue restaurant


One of the best steak in Amsterdam at Black and Blue restaurant. That’s where I spent my last evening in Amsterdam before going home on Sunday morning. Kisses -M-

 I wish you a happy New Year 2019 with a lot of happiness and that your wishes come true.


My beautydetox when I come back from a trip. No7 serum boost sheet mask lift and luminate.

One of my best memories of 2018 was my trip to the Maldives, I hope to go back soon.

I love to read when I have time. My new obsession is becoming from Michelle Obama.


Hi guys ! I was flying back from New York this night and wow it’s crazy how productive I was this morning  (not tired). Usually it’s the opposite ah ah. Maybe it’s the excitement of starting this new year. Let’s talk about my new year’s resolutions. I don’t really have any. I am one of those people who hold up until the end of January or maybe sometimes 14th of February (my birthday). I decided to be happy to be healthy to spend more time with my family and friends enjoying the simple things in life. So for that I decided to change some bad habits. First of all, a better organization allows me to spend more time with my family and friends and to be less stressed. Second a better diet. I wouldn’t say I eat badly but I would like to have a regular diet and stop skipping meals. It’s not always easy when I travel. And also to do more sports. (Which is not really my thing). These are my new 2019 resolutions. This year will be a year full of new things and changing in my life. New trips are already on the schedule and I’m excited. But also new personal and professional projects. Here are some rituals I do when I come back from traveling making my apartment cozy with candles. And especially a facial treatment for a good detox and hydration of my skin.  -xxx-



Location : Bite Beauty, New York


Behind the scenes of a new video project I’m preparing. I look forward to showing you. Yesterday I was at the lipstick paradise this place is Bite Beauty store. This brand from Toronto  has now a store also in New York nearby the Soho district. The concept is simple the goal is to find the perfect lipstick shade between  a lot of pretty colors. But what I love the most is that you can create your own lipstick and yes, by choosing your own colors, smells and texture.



Location : Troquet River North, Chicago, USA


This morning I woke up with the same jetlag problem. But actually it doesn’t matter I’m going back to Europe in two days so I preferred to stay on European time. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. I think I broke my record of woke up early. During my long hours of sleepwalking ah ah I worked, replied to my emails preparing my posts everything I need to do during the day such a productive night.. Then came the problem I have to change of hotels because I have to post about the next hotel I’m going to stay in Chicago. So I couldn’t sleep and had to pack  my luggage again but it was ok I am in the habit of  this kind of situation. Then I stopped for lunch and luckily it was a urban French style restaurant called Troquet River North. After eating I was dead tired and I have to stay awake because I have dinner tonight. During these few hours of waiting during my checkout of my previous hotel and check in of the next hotel I take the opportunity to write this post.