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Banyan Tree Spa is the hotel’s spa  from Marina Bay Sands. I could not come to Singapore without going for a massage. First I was greeted by the spa hostess and I  received a tea at the same time I choose which massage wanted to do. After 90 minutes of happiness it was time to eat an exotic fruit salad in the store and private bar of the spa enjoying the amazing view of Singapore.


 Banyan Tree Spa

During my stay in Nice I had the chance to stay at the Negresco palace. This mythical place with a neoclassical facade is a landmark of the city of Nice. Located on the famous Promenade des Anglais, Negresco is particularly known for its interior design which is similar to an art gallery. I had a real pleasure to walk around the hotel and discover each floor while following a historical theme. The universe of Negresco reminded me “la belle époque”.



 I’am now at the Pullman Hotel, I love this hotel, nice interior design and location. This hotel is located nearby Barcelonetta. So it’s easy to go to the restaurant around the beach of Barcelona.



My day started by taking a traditionally Spanish breakfast. Tostadas bread, fresh tomatoes and fruity extra virgin olive. And then I decided to walking around and explore Madrid more and more. I stopped at Plaza Mayor de Madrid for having a lunch. Paella with Tapas. I went for a night session watching a tennis match at Madrid Open. Tonight I go to the football 1/2 champions league match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.