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This week I spend my week in Phuket, Thailand. Beach and sun is all I needed.




A place I love in Sydney. The perfect place to have a lunch in a location that looks like a  flower garden. Salads are delicious all the ingredients are organic.

Location :  Sydney Australia



Spectacular location serene and relaxing experience. Meydan Hotel a 5-stars luxury hotel the perfect place which bring lifestyle sport and relaxation. 



The futuristic architecture of this hotel in the shape of a wave in motion with a luminous green glass facade designed by director and architect Teo Ah Khing. Mayday.


The rooms feature a luxurious and modern design. Especially the rooftop pool and spa located on the eleventh floor of the hotel.



The Meydan Hotel is complemented by 7 food offering some of the richest cuisines of the World and enhanced by unparalleled views of the main racing track.



Meydan Hotel Dubai