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Marina of Dubai,UE. Yesterday I went for dinner at the marina I love this place in Dubai. There’s a lot of restaurants. It has become one of my favorite places here. I found a Persian restaurant so delicious I love Middle Eastern cuisine.


Location ; Dubai, UE

An experience I never forgot. Here are some pictures I took during my safari into the Dubai Desert.

What I love when I travel is to discover new cultures. In order to learn and understand the world. During my last evening in Dubai I had the chance to experience the Middle East culture a little bit more. With my driver and guide we took the road into the desert of Dubai. Riding in this desert where I could see more than many miles away was just beautiful. During the road we were jumping and doing some stunts it was so fun. If you do this safari please eat light and do not drink alcohol above all. Because this beautiful excursion can’t turn into a disaster. Heat and jumping would make you very sick ahah. After 2 hours driving we arrived at the camp. Where we had a dinner. There were activities to do like snowboarding riding in quad. We tasted the regional cuisine so delicious. During my dinner I smoked the shisha a typical thing of the country.




Visiting the Grand Canyon has always been one of my biggest dreams. This week I had the chance to do it. It was just a such great experience. There are several ways to visit the Grand Canyon by plane bus and helicopter. I made it by hellicoptere and the view was just amazing. The departure is from Las Vegas Nevada to the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona. Then I had lunch with champagne! A wonderful way to finish this end of the day. On our way back we flew into the sunset.┬áTo Vegas by night. Explain this is not enough. That’s why I decided to do a vlog about my trip in Las Vegas. Next week I will be back in Toronto and I’m looking forward to visiting this beautiful city of Canada this is also my first time in Canada. I hope you have a good day. Rihanna ┬ámake-up collection BEAUTY BY FENTY has just launched in Sephora stores. I’ll try to find out more about this collection in one of the stores here in Vegas. I know the launch was done yesterday in New York, so I hope in Vegas too.