Yesterday I visited the country of Palestine. A country full of culture. I was able to see the graffiti of the famous graphic designer Bansky. I love it ! What’s funny is that nobody knows his face because he always wears a mask. But I love his work so much. Palestine is a country full of love and freedom I am happy to have visited this beautiful country.


Location :Meydan Hotel Dubai I had a lot of questions about this bikini on my Instagram account. This bikini  comes from the brand Calzedonia

Bikini Calzedonia




Top: Stradivarius,    Jeans: Zara,    Bag: Chanel,    Shoes: Zara

Dress: Zara,   Bag: Chanel,    Shoes: Zara

Dress: Koton,    Shoes: Zara, Bag: Valentino, Sunglasses: Stradivarius