Having beautiful hair is something that makes me so happy, bad hair day, it’s like a disaster, I feel like not comfortable with myself. Probably a lot of you think the same. Women are dreaming about silky, shiny hair. This why I’m going to tell you more about my golden rules to make this possible.




1. Find the right shampoo

You need to use a shampoo according to your hair type. For me, I just want shiny and silky hair. This why I’am using Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser from L’oreal. This range is just amazing if you have long hair like me.



2. The perfect blow-out.

The healthiest way to dry your hair is naturally without hairdryer. But naturally drying can make them flat. I like to add body on my hair by using a hairdressers method. First, I apply my anti-frizz hydrating oil on my wet hair just after my shampoo. This oil eliminates frizz, spritz and protect my hair. Then I dry my hair with a 3-speed hair dryer diffuser. I start with the medium one (medium heat) by brushing my hair to make them from wet to dry. After this step I use a round brush and I start doing my blow-out by using speed 3 (hot head) and I finish with a cool shot to give body and volume to my hair.


3. Take care of my hair

I like to take care everyday of my hair by applying the oil from Extraordinary Oil range. Here is my daily ritual to have beautiful shiny hair. If you have your own rituals let it know. It will be great to try new things and to learn more about your beauty secrets.




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