I wish you a happy New Year 2019 with a lot of happiness and that your wishes come true.


My beautydetox when I come back from a trip. No7 serum boost sheet mask lift and luminate.

One of my best memories of 2018 was my trip to the Maldives, I hope to go back soon.

I love to read when I have time. My new obsession is becoming from Michelle Obama.


Hi guys ! I was flying back from New York this night and wow it’s crazy how productive I was this morning  (not tired). Usually it’s the opposite ah ah. Maybe it’s the excitement of starting this new year. Let’s talk about my new year’s resolutions. I don’t really have any. I am one of those people who hold up until the end of January or maybe sometimes 14th of February (my birthday). I decided to be happy to be healthy to spend more time with my family and friends enjoying the simple things in life. So for that I decided to change some bad habits. First of all, a better organization allows me to spend more time with my family and friends and to be less stressed. Second a better diet. I wouldn’t say I eat badly but I would like to have a regular diet and stop skipping meals. It’s not always easy when I travel. And also to do more sports. (Which is not really my thing). These are my new 2019 resolutions. This year will be a year full of new things and changing in my life. New trips are already on the schedule and I’m excited. But also new personal and professional projects. Here are some rituals I do when I come back from traveling making my apartment cozy with candles. And especially a facial treatment for a good detox and hydration of my skin.  -xxx-


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