In the United States, you will love to watch one of the sport games. Sometimes we watch American football and we even went to a NBA game in Chicago. Last sunday we went to a baseball game. Sunday is never a cozy day between the morning yoga session and the baseball game we always have a busy schedule on Sunday. The game was Kansas City Royal vs Minnesota Twins and we won the game. We also caught the ball I mean my boyfriend caught the ball thrown by one of the game’s batters otherwise the ball would have landed on my face. I’ll tell you the story. We were watching the match then came the moment when the ball was almost landed right in front of my direction. The baseball stadium is very  big and huge and and of course it had to happen to me.  I tried to protect my face because (Can you imagine  getting a baseball ball on your face. I probably would have landed at the ER with a black eye.) And the worst part is that everything is filmed on a giant screen that the entire people from the stadium can see. But luckily my boyfriend caught the ball before it happened. He was happy to have the ball of the game and I was happy that I didn’t have it on my face.



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