I’m addicted to Lipsticks one that I love is Russian Red from M.A.C. I love the red color which is for me one of the most beautiful red lipsticks.  

M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick, M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Brick



Credo beauty will make you move from Sephora to only natural beauty products.


Maybe a new hype? I started using only natural products because my skin is sensitive. They’ve two stores with spa in San Francisco and New York. But if you’re not from the US the brand has an online store as well. Why we love Credo just because the ingredients are safe and healthy. A good thing for people with skin complexion problems. Another beautiful thing is that every beauty product never were tested on animals. We love it!

Credo beauty


Photo by Jonathan Colon


A 100% natural way to have beautiful skin all year round. For those of you who believe only in organic products and hacks. This post will certainly helps you. And for those who believe only in the cosmetic remedy this post will also help you to boost your skin.


Vitamin C with Strawberry

Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or grapefruit. People who eat foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who don’t.



Soften skin with walnuts

Walnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can improve skin’s elasticity. The nuts are also loaded with copper, a mineral that boosts collagen production. Snack on a handful of walnuts each day to improve your complexion’s texture.


Look younger with oatmeal 

Steel-cut oatmeal is less processed than other varieties, so it retains more vitamins. Plus, it takes longer to break down in your body, which helps keep your blood sugar stable. This is important because studies found that spiked blood sugar elevates your body’s level of androgens, hormones that can contribute to wrinkles.



Even out your skin tone with soy

Drink a latte with soy milk or eat edamame and you may get a clearer complexion. Soy contains minerals and proteins that have been shown to reduce hyper pigmentation. One cup a day should yield results.



Fight Crow’s-Feet with Peppers

Women who eat green and yellow vegetables regularly tend to have fewer wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Studies found that carotenoids, the antioxidants in yellow and orange veggies, can decrease skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Aim for about two cups of peppers daily.


Get ready to purify and cleanse your body. It’s very important to drink every day at least 2 liters of water to stay hydrated. This is good for the body, but also for your skin. Water improves glowing, elasticity to the skin, maintaining hydration, and slows skin aging. Now you know that water is good, but sometimes it’s also fun to have some taste. That’s why I added red fruit , because fruit is also good for the skin and body, and when you mix these two together you make detox water. Detox means purify and cleanse the body, so as you know water help hydrate the skin, but when you added fruits or vegetables, you get a vitamin drink that cleanses the body. I chose to make a detox water with red fruits, because I love red fruits, but there are a lot of mixes that you can make.




Healthy fruits and its benefits

Strawberries : Rich in antioxidants , vitamin C and are very low in calories.

Lemons : Rich in vitamin C, also very well known as a medicinal plant . They help you fight, tonsillitis, flu, headaches, colds, etc. Lemon also improves your digestion.

Oranges. Rich in fiber, vitamins , minerals and composed of antioxidants. This also improves your immune system to fight against external aggressions.

Mint. This is a very powerful antioxidant and that tastes good.

How to prepare detox water

All you need is water , fruit or vegetable or both, a jar with a lid or gourd and straw.

1. Put water into a jar

2. Wash your fruits and vegetables and cut them into pieces.

3. Place the fruit in your water jar and close the lid.

4. After 30 minutes, the water begins to take the taste of fruits, to be effective, let infuse for a full night in the fridge, if you want it more fresh.

5. Use a straw to drink your detox water. That’s easier to drink.

6. Feel free to eat the fruits or vegetables of your detox water.

Some recipes

Strawberry, lemon, mint
Orange, lemon
Lemon, cucumber, mint
Strawberry, Kiwi
Watermelon, basilica
Lemon, cucumber, mint, ginger
Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry , basil or mint
Grapefruit, lemon , orange



This lipstick holds its red color while keeping lips moisturized. The brand knows exactly how to make customers happy. When I opened my present I saw two small little books with a beautiful drawing. And another small box with inside my lipstick. Guess which color. Red! I can get tired of this color. Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte This lipstick is now one of my favorites. Not only for the beautiful red color the symbolism color of Christian Louboutin brand but especially because that’s the most unbelievable long-wearing lipstick I’ve never bought in my life.

Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte



Did you remember the time when there only was one shade for colored skins. Now we can find the perfect foundation almost everywhere. Yes, I said almost everywhere! A few years ago I was in Slovenia for holidays and a bad thing happened! I forgot my foundation! It was a disaster to find a new foundation for my skin color. Especially in a small town in the east of Europe. Why? The reason is simple  many beauty stores like for example drugstore depends on the ethnic composition of the population, it easier to sell their product this way. That’s why you will find more choices in larger cities than in a small town, where the population has no colored skin. Now there are specialized makeup brands for colored skin. So if you find one of them, you will find everything you need for your skin color.



IMAN brand, launched in 1994, by Iman Abdulmajid Bowie (wife of the legendary David Bowie), and the first black supermodel.  IMANCosmetics are designed for African American, Asian, Latina and multi-cultural women with skin tones in a myriad of shades. The brand offers skincare and cosmetics, including 16 foundation shades. I tested this brand and I love it!

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When I was  a little girl, I remember my mother always used this makeup brand. I grew up with this brand, and it was the first brand of makeup that I knew, that it was specialized for colored skin tones. In 1994 BLACKOPAL was launched by three creative forces combined their passion for beauty.

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I always find what I need with this brand. BLACK UP, brand for black and mixed race skins, offers makeup totally adapted to dark and golden brown skin tones. BLACK UP has developed a true beauty exepertise to answer the specific needs of black and mixed skin beauties and offers a makeup line focused on elegence and glamour.  Just what I need.

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MAC Cosmetics (MAC standing for Make-up Art Cosmetics) was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984. The company’s products were originally intended for makeup professionals, but are now sold directly to consumers worldwide. This why you will always find everything what you need for each skin color.

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MAKEUP FOREVER created in 1984 by make-up artist Dany Sanz. is a French cosmetics brand owned by LVMH. Dany Sanz started out as a make-up artist for a friend’s theatre production. Sanz created the first professional makeup school in Europe in the 1970s. Always a lot of choice with this brand.

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