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I have a new beauty ritual.

As you know, every week I take care to clean my skin with a body scrub and to give myself a facial treatment. But since last week I received a teeth whitening kit from the brand smartwhite. Normally I did this beauty ritual before but never at home I needed to go to specialized places for this and now I can do it at home, a treatment that only takes 16 minutes every day by plugging into my iPhone.

Let’s talk about SmartWhite

Like you’ve never smile before is the slogan of this amazing brand I discovered, Honestly I didn’t know that it was possible to whiten my teeth at home. When I discovered this brand I loved the concept. Having clean, white teeth is a very important beauty asset. What I really liked is that this brand is Vegan & Cruelty-Free so it means no sensitivity or pain. For people who have allergy problems or sensitive mouths, it will works for everyone.

Why it’s works and Let’s talk about the kit

A teeth whitening kit with a fast-acting formula combined with blue light technology to whiten your teeth even faster. The leading-edge formula and blue light technology will work to give you fast results. Whiten your teeth by several shades with just 16 minutes a day.  It will give you whiter teeth in just 6 days. The gel contains safe active bleaching agents that whitens the discoloured molecules without damaging your teeth or enamel.

This is my new beauty ritual. I really recommend it you and also you receive 10% if you use the code: MATHILDE10


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