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    Right now I can finally say that I don’t have any skin problems. I don’t have anything specific to treat my skin is great. It doesn’t happen to me very often so I’m happy. Always looking for new beauty products and brands. I wanted to bring glow to my skin while I’am still moisturizing it. And I found Typology a French brand based on only natural ingredients.

    Typology is 100% organic. The philosophy of the brand is to remove all products that are not good for the skin and to keep the ingredients of natural origin. For sensitive skin don’t be afraid, you won’t end up with a red face. A real nightmare that happens to me sometimes that’s why I pay a lot of attention to the ingredients.

    The brand’s website attracted me so much. It looks like a beauty blog with lots of tips. Their range is huge but thanks to their advice it’s very easy to know what you need. Serums vegetable oil make-up remover and lots of other products. if you have a specific skin problem the brand will help you to say goodbye to all your skin blemishes. I wanted to bring some glow while moisturizing my skin I need some sun ! My face is a bit dull because of the long winter months. After following the advice on the site I finally found what I really needed.

    My New Skincare Routine

    On my clean skin I apply every morning the Serum Radiance Vitamin C 11%. ( Sérum Éclat  Vitamine C 11%). And every evening the Antioxidant Serum 3% Ferulic Acid + Resveratrol 3% (Sérum Antioxydant Acide Férulique 3% + Resvératrol 3%). I finish by moisturizing my skin with the 9-ingredient Face Moisturizer (Crème Hydratante Visage à 9 ingrédients).

    Hello Glowing skin





    I completely fell in love with this chair and spent a lot of time here. Tomorrow we’re going back to Europe for a few weeks. It makes me sad to leave this place because I really feel at home here. But I am also happy to spend time with my family in Belgium. I have a lot of busy work to do so I am very excited too.


    At the swimming pool of our appartement, Minneapolis, Minnesota swimsuit from H&M



    Location : Minneapolis, Minnesota



    Moxy Minneapolis Downtown 247 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN


    I love spending time at Moxy. A bar in downtown Minneapolis. The retro/ 90s interior style is amazing. There are also games like the ones I played when I was a child. But I go there especially for the best cocktails in town. Elliott (the bartender) he always knows what is my favorite cocktails. And he is the only one who knows how to prepare them exactly as I want. There are two in particular. Amaretto Sour (the American version with a white egg) normally I always drink it without the egg but now I prefer the American version. And an other cocktail (I don’t know the name) based on lemon juice and gin. A cozy place to have a good time with friends and family.

    Instagram  : @moxyhotel




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